FirstDefense – Hydrating Sanitizing Mist

FirstDefense™ hydrating sanitizing mist is sting-free and doesn’t dry out your skin because it is both water-free and alcohol-free. FirstDefense™ micro-encapsulates germs to prevent their spread while providing a glove-like shield for up to 6 hours that preserves your skin’s natural moisture. Your hands won’t have that gooey feeling that you experience when you use a gel-based sanitizer. Our revolutionary formula is FDA approved sanitizing agent that has been safely used for decades and is 99.99% effective.

Frequently Asked Questions


For a product to be called a sanitizer, it must contain one of three active ingredients: isopropanol, ethanol, or benzalkonium chloride (BZC). This is according to the FDA’s final monograph of allowed active ingredients approved in 2019. Anovite uses BZC since it has been used safely for half a century and is in every legal water-based hand sanitizer on the market.


The resulting formulation is nothing like anything you have experienced in the sanitizer world. It leaves your skin moisturized and feeling silky soft after the initial rubbing in of the product. Simply spray once or twice on your hands and “wash” them like you are washing your hands for about 20 seconds or so and Voila! Silky smooth and protected. Unlike alcohol sanitizer that has a strong smell, FirstDefense smells great with your favorite essential oil, cologne, or perfume added to it for personalized scents.


FirstDefense has a subtle citrus scent.