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In nature, every newborn is given a special advantage to help it survive those first critical hours. Some newborns survive through camouflage, others through cunning… but for mammals, the advantage is a superfood know as Colostrum. This substance is found in mother’s milk only for those first few hours but, is so powerful!  It supercharges the immune system, fires up metabolism, and boosts tissue regeneration and repair. It is a superfood advantage. Our Colostrum6 product allows you to have the colostrum advantage every day. It’s an all-natural, animal-friendly product that can be part of any optimal health plan.

what is colostrum


Colostrum is a food produced by all mammals. Anovite’s Colostrum6 is bovine colostrum, which is 99% bioidentical to human colostrum. It is extremely potent and the most effective colostrum on the market because it is the only colostrum certified by a third-party to be pure, and is obtained within the first 6 hours of colostrum production. Anovite’s Colostrum6 is never diluted with transitional milk, nor is the ‘good fat’ that contains all of the vital nutrients removed from it.

how to take colostrum

  • Adults

    Anovite Colostrum6 is available in powder form, capsules or flavored lozenges. Our Colostrum6 powder can be used in a variety of ways from eating it plain or mixing it into or over food. We never remove the fat from our Colostrum6 as it contains vital nutrients; as a result, adding it into water or other liquids may require more thorough mixing as it tends to slightly clump together.
    Colostrum is a super-food; therefore, you may consume more if desired. The following are simple dose recommendations. Generally taken 2-3 times per day:

    Maintenance: 6 capsules or 3 Grams (1 teaspoon) is a typical maintenance dose.

    Mild Wellness: 6-12 capsules or 3-6 grams (1-2 teaspoons). For anything above “Mild,” we always recommend the Colostrum6 powder.

    Moderate Wellness: 18-30 capsules or 9-15 grams (3-5 teaspoons).

    Advanced Wellness: 6-10 teaspoons.

health Benefits

  • Immunoglobulins

    Also called antibodies, neutralize pathogens in the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

  • Leptin

    A small hormone-like protein that can suppress appetite and lead to body weight reduction.

  • Thymosin

    Composed of two protein-based chains, known as alpha or beta chains, which are separately present in bovine colostrum. The chains act on the thymus gland independently or stimulate activation, development and maintenance of the immune system.

  • Enzyme inhibitors

    Also known as “permeability factor,” are actually small proteins that slow down or inhibit the enzymatic breakdown of proteins. They provide protection to the immune, growth and metabolic factors as they pass through the digestive tract.

  • Proline-rich polypeptide (PRP)

    Helps regulate the immune system, keeping it in balance between under-and over-activity.

  • Insulin-like Growth factor (IGFSF)

    The complete family of naturally occurring growth factors that functions like the captain of a ship; triggering the events that activate cell growth and reproduction, protein synthesis, and the release of energy (glucose metabolism).

  • colostrum-sec-4-weightloss-benefits-img

    leptin factor

    Triggering the “Leptin Factor”, where your body begins to use fat as an energy source, and you begin to realize the long-term weight and size of your dreams; once triggered the weight stays off! Leptin: is a small hormone-like protein that can suppress appetite, build lean muscle and lead to body weight reduction. Mature fat cells release leptin in the presence of insulin and:
    IGF-1. Large fat cells release very little leptin, while small fat cells release more helping to keep you thin! IGF-1: triggers the release of energy (glucose metabolism) and helps with building muscle, burning fat as an energy source and helping to balance body’s chemistry!

  • weightloss benefits

    Being overweight increases your risk to conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Colostrum6 offers several weight loss benefits such as fat and weight loss while providing essential leptin to the body. Colostrum6 increases energy and helps you maintain lean muscle mass while improving self-esteem and confidence.

  • colostrum-sec-4-ftiness-benefits-img

    fitness benefits

    FITNESS is more than just being in shape… Fitness is about how you feel AND how you look, rather than just about exercise! How you feel may be more important than the way you look… if you look like you have the perfect body but suffer from a chronic disease, are you fit? Physical activity can help reduce potential issues and make you feel, and even look great!

  • anti-aging benefits

    If your aim is to look and feel young, for as long as you can, you’ll need to have “youthful” anti-aging components that focus on the body and mind at your disposal! One of the biggest keys to a long and healthy life is choosing your parents wisely… that, of course, isn’t truly a choice but you don’t have to be a slave to your family’s heredity; there is another “family” called the IGF-1 Super Family that has been shown to have a major impact on keeping you “youthful!”

  • colostrum-sec-4-insulin-growth-factor-img

    insulin growth factors

    Insulin-like growth factors (IGF) I and II belong to a whole family of hormones contained in colostrum called the IGF super family. By taking the “Whole-Food” IGF-1 Super Family, found within our colostrum, these natural “Youthful” components can help fulfill your aim of looking and feeling young! Growth Hormone increases metabolism, reduces fat and increases muscle mass. Epithelial growth factor stimulates normal skin growth. Fibroblast growth factor stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and contributes to tissue development. Transforming growth factors, A and B are helpful in the synthesis and repair of RNA and DNA.

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