In nature, every newborn is given a special advantage to help it survive those first critical hours. Some newborns survive through camouflage, others through cunning… but for mammals, the advantage is a superfood know as Colostrum. This substance is found in mother’s milk only for those first few hours but, is so powerful! It supercharges the immune system, fires up metabolism, and boosts tissue regeneration and repair. It is a superfood advantage. Our Colostrum6 product allows you to have the colostrum advantage every day. It’s an all-natural, animal-friendly product that can be part of any optimal health plan.

Before I started Colostrum6 I had aches in my right arm, especially at night, along with numbness in both arms and hands which would keep me awake at night and caused issues throughout the day. I was so tired all day restless all night I was taking over-the-counter drugs during the day and at night. After about a week of taking Colostrum6, I noticed a difference and at the 2-3 week point, I had the “ah-ha” moment and I couldn’t believe my aches were gone during the day and at night! I now have no trouble getting to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning with a lot of energy! Not only that but my skin is so much smoother and not blotchy. I’ feel better physically than I was 20 years ago. It’s truly amazing!

– Tammy H.

Around 7- 8 years ago I started having health issues and then 3 years ago things started to happen to where I could hardly function, walk very far, or stand very long. I saw many doctors and they couldn’t determine what was wrong until almost over a year later, but issues were progressing the longer we had to wait. I was on so many protocols, lots of medicines and antibiotics and I used to have to use a wheelchair, then a walker could hardly stand up and couldn’t hold things without dropping them or stab myself in the mouth to brush my teeth. I had a hard time talking and getting words out correctly, would get so out of breath just getting stuff out of the laundry or bending or walking, major balance issues, major joint issues, no mental clarity, speech issues, thinking issues, severe fatigue and wasn’t able to drive due to tick bite. I was on so many medicines it took me half the day just to stagger them all throughout my day.16 months ago, I started on Colostrum6 and began the process of healing! Here are before pics and me now!! I love this all-natural whole food God created and never want to be without this amazing Superfood ever! Now I can live like the best version of me and live more to the fullest! It’s amazing and life-changing!!

– Hannah S.